Gevenalle Shimano Road Dyna-Sys Shifters with Hydraulic Brakes (1x Compatible)

This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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This product was added to our catalog on October 6, 2016.

Cyclocross racing requires a completely different mindset and also a different level of performance from your equipment. Shifting from the hoods on bumpy and quickly changing conditions demands precise and immediate shifting. Gevenalle has pioneered the unorthodox approach which quickly has been adopted by top racers everywhere in their CX shifter levers. Our CXH units combine the advanced CX shifting capability with the confidence inspiring and one finger braking and modulation of hydraulic braking.  We build these up using TRP's Hylex brake system (you won't find better – just more expensive) more info below. It just does not get better than this! Sold in pairs.

Complete Sets Include Calipers & 6 Bolt Rotors (160 front /140 rear).

“Now that CXM tester Clifford Lee and I have spent several months on the levers, we have much more specific impressions about them. We absolutely love the right shifting and find that we can execute every rear shift easily from the hoods.”

-Andrew Yee, CX Magazine.

“Shifting performance has been fantastic.  You get a nice solid, but not alarming, clunk with each indexed click for the rear.  One advantage of the system is that you can sweep the entire cassette (in either direction) with one motion.”
“The front shifting is friction based, and with the derailleur limits set correctly, it is the best front shifting performance I have ever had.”

-Nick burklow, Bike Rumor. 

More about the CXH

When it came to hydraulic and disc brakes for cross we were hold outs for sure! To offer a hydraulic system we had to be convinced and the TRP Hylex has proven itself over and over. TRP is a small company compared to the likes of Shimano and SRAM but they also specialize in braking unlike the big guys and it shows! TRP Hylex are just a better brake and that is why they are used to build this system.

Smarter design

The master cylinders for this system are self contained units that are nestled inside the brake lever bodies. If you should crash out a lever chances are the master cylinder will be undamaged. This makes so much sense we just can’t comprehend why the other companies don’t offer the same level of design. With this in mind we are able to provide a crash service of just $74 per side. No matter how badly you crash, smash, wallop and destroy these units we will get you up and running again for a maximum of $74. That covers the whole unit right down to the caliper.


Running 10 speed now but might upgrade to 11 speed down the road? No worries as this system is part of our CX shifting system the shift levers can be swapped out to do just that!