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Troy Carter
Thursday, Oct 22 2015 (about a year ago)
SE Racing 2016 Big Ripper 29" BMX Bike (White)
I have the 2015 Blue Big Ripper which is identical to this except the color scheme.

I call this my beach cruiser because itís so comfy and easy to ride for anyone but in reality itís much better than any other beach cruiser ever made. Itís fast, smooth, long and stable but itís a BMX bike that can be fun for anyone. My wife actually stole the bike from me for a while ditching her long time hybrid MTB because itís so easy to ride and smooth. Being a single speed itís also uncomplicated but can do anything you really need.

That doesnít mean you canít do more on it either. We ride at Rayís MTB a few times a year and Iíve brought this bike there for a little variety and found that itís incredible to ride there. You wonít be doing any serious park stuff on it but it soars over the big jumps so nicely and handles all the trails there incredibly well.

The bike looks great, turns heads, and seems to be of good quality based on my time riding it so far. The wheels are still straight even after my abuse at Rays and the bike feels very solid. If mine were stolen tomorrow Iíd order a new one straight away.)
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