Zipp Vuka Alumina Clip (Top Mount)

This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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This product was added to our catalog on August 26, 2014.

This is the Zipp Vuka Alumina Above Bar Clip. The Vuka Alumina Clip is all about providing the ultimate in fit, security and adjustability for you to be faster and more efficient in your triathlon or time-trial aero position. It’s offered at an affordable price too!

Made from 2014 series aluminum, the clip is available with an above-bar (top mount) or below-bar mounting system for achieving an optimized aero position. The clip also has a large armrest for increased comfort. The Vuka Alumina Clip is made with the industry standard 22.2mm clamp diameter for maximum versatility, making it compatible for Vuka Alumina Extensions, the Vuka Extensions (carbon) as well as most extensions on the market.

With a bar clamp diameter of 31.8mm, the Vuka Alumina Clip also is compatible with the Zipp Vuka Alumina and VukaBull base bars, as well as the Service Course, Service Course SL and the SLC2 drop bars. It also is compatible with many other base bars and drop bars on the market. Plus, they are compatible with Vuka Alumina Risers (sold separately), which come in 10, 25 and 50mm sizes, allowing even more fit options! The Vuka Alumina Risers are designed for use only with the above-bar system of the Vuka Alumina Clip. The Vuka Alumina Clip weighs 310 grams for the above-bar system and 295 grams for the below-bar system. Aero extensions not included.

Torx®-Head Bolts:
Zipp chooses Torx®-head bolts for its stems and aero bars - why? It comes down to the way the tool head interacts with the bolt. Common hex tools tend to strip the bolt head if the bolt is over torqued. This is especially true with lightweight bolts. Zipp wanted to be able to use a lightweight bolt with reliable performance. Bolts on stems and aero bars are critical to safety – having a reliable bolt is crucial. Zipp chose a bolt size that was best suited for Zipp stems; T25. The standard Torx tool head for an M5 bolt is a T25. The T25 is becoming a go-to bolt in the bicycle industry. What’s more, the T25 tool is a common in bike shops or hardware stores and is readily available alone or in multi-tool sets. For your convenience, Zipp includes a T25 wrench with all stems and aero bars. The Torx® head is more robust that hex-head bolts and will not easily strip. Torx® fasteners also were designed for use with a torque wrench, which is needed to achieve the precise torque reading for proper installation. It’s simply a better bolt:

  • Won’t easily strip.
  • Provides more accurate torque readings.
  • More durable.


  • Weight:
    • Vuka Alumina Top Mount: 310g
    • Vuka Alumina Bottom mount: 295g
  • Clamping torque:
    • Clip to bar: 7Nm
    • Extension clamp: 4Nm
    • Extension fit: 22.2 +0.15 -0.05mm
  • Stack at pad (adjustability):
    • Min: 37mm per side
    • Max: 110mm per side
    • Adjustment: 73mm per side
    • Total Adjustment: 146mm
  • Pad Reach:
    • Min behind center: 50mm per side
    • Max in front of center: 50mm per side
    • Adjustment: 100mm per side
    • Total Adjustment: 200mm
  • Reach (extension fore/aft):
    • Min: 0mm per extension
    • Max: 55mm per extension
    • Adjustment: 110mm
  • Pad Width:
    • Max: 90mm